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wufanes asked: This is a tumblr hug(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ Send this to 10 of your favourite followers to show how much you love them as best buddies. Make sure you don’t break the chain. Happy tumblr hugs ~ c:


Thank you so much omg, how can I be one of your fav followers tbh I’m just a piece of poop but I’m flattered and honoured and just so thankful tbh ;; //hugs youuuu and kisses youuuu 

No I’m not gonna hug you I’m gonna get OH SEHUN yes THE Oh Sehun to hug you and then kiss you and then take a strand of your hair and curl it behind your ear and tell you how beautiful you are and asdfasd //runs off to write a MANHUN FANFIC 

junhang asked: Hi hi Christy! How have you been? Btw, I went to Canada last week and omg it was so much fun. I want to stay there forever tbh.

PAVANI BABY! I’ve been good hehe, haven’t been on Tumblr much these days since I’ve been pretty busy (but the good thing is that I’ve been pretty productive hehehe!!) 

OMFGGGG RIGHT HOW WAS QUEBEC?? Did you only visit Quebec? It must’ve been amazing, it’s so much nicer in QB than in Ontario [the architecture and all is brilliant!!] What sorts of activities did you do? A lot of sightseeing? How was the food? Tell me all the deets!!! ♡ And are you serious omg, but yes please stay here forever (visit Ontario and ME while you’re at it hehehe) 

Btw, I’ll be uploading the belated bd graphic soon, trust me on that one!! OR DON’T TRUST ME. But I’ll try my best to finish it alright?! 

taesthetic asked: //chants while holding up christy banners// BAE IS ON! BAE IS ON!! christy bae how are you oh my gosh we haven't talked in forever i hope you're doing well ;3; //whispers ily!



//sends you on a flight to hong kong to watch jypnation and sends myself there too to hold up ALMARK/MARKLY BANNERS// ♡ And pshhh who’s the bae, obviously you hehe. ;-)) 

And I know we haven’t talked in a couple weeks!! (rmb all those tweets and you rapping got7 rapper line parts and also singing akmu for me adfasdfdsf I LOVE YOU SO MUCH I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU SAY THOSE TWITTER SESSIONS NEED TO HAPPEN FOREVER OKAY?) 

I’m doing well hehehe, been helping my sister with her online accessories shop recently so I haven’t been on much!!! But I’ve missed you asdfasdf and *mark voice in u got me* you’ve got me you’ve got me good ♡ 

PS. ALLY I’ll probably send you a selca soon, do you believe me or not?? LOL I DON’T BELIEVE MYSELF (i took some but they are really terrible urgh) 

PPS. Are you back at school yet? If yes, good luck cutest!! 

de-leux asked: /gives you a thousand kisses/ hehe, i love you and miss you v much my darling christy~ ♡♡ i hope your days have been as wonderful as you certainly are!!


I love you and miss you v v v much too, Mae Park!! And yes my days have been wonderful, just enjoying the last of the summer break before school starts next week!! 

Are you excited to go back to school omg ;;; It’s gonna be your 2nd year of uni bb, so live it up!! :-) Wishing you the best okay? And remember that you can always ask me for advice!! GOOD LUCK LOVE ;; ♡ Let’s do this together hehe (ugh totally not looking forward to all the stress and all the work though) How are you spending your last few days of the break?