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vitaminsoo replied to your postboth of you need to post selcas so i can cry yes yes

MAYA PLEASE, I still haven’t gotten over your selca, how am I supposed to post one??? AND JENNY I NEED TO SEE YOUR PRETTY FACE SO PLS YOU FIRST. :-) 

hypertone replied to your postnotify me toooooo hehe ♥

SKYLAR JIE, how about you post another one first, your face makes me smile hehehe esp your winks can we bring that back I don’t know how to wink and you are so cute gimme those winking skills ;;; But hMMM okay I’ll notify you for sure ♥ (don’t want to burn your eyes though are you sure are you certain??)

vitaminsoo replied to your postno way are you kidding omg i’ll probably freak out and start screaming when we meet okay ;A; but i’ll probably pass out from all your gorgeous-ness ;; LOLOL you and your late replies :’)

NO I’m 100% serious I’m honestly excited to see your beauty right in front of me (but it’ll be like those dramas, light will be shining behind you and I’d be like covering my eyes bc of your beauty that shinessss) LOL I’LL DEF SCREAM THOUGH like how long have we been waiting for this day?!?! And LOL no you’d probably want to run away from all the ugly that is me ;;; And oh yes late replies are in my character (thank you for waiting hehehehe) ♥ You won’t wait long for the present though omg we live so close seriously ;;

mazvme asked: I SEE YOU ON MY DASH, I SEE YOU ON MY DASH!! ; UUUU ; CHRISTYYYY ♥ Brb I'm still hyperventilating from your last reply to me I'M SO SORRY FOR YOUR HANDS/KEYBOARD/FOLLOWERS BECAUSE YOU WRITE SO MUCH FOR ME I FEEL REALLY BAD ;AAAA; But then also really special but skdjhsjhdj o/////////o and goodness gracious your theme change--This is all so pretty and gorgeous what even. Star Senpai I am going to send letters of thanks to all the stars until the end of my days for sending you here on earth okay ♥

And and and sEKAI OH GOSH YOU ULTI-OTP THEM TOO? Is this real life, did I really find the star to my galaxy; I think I have. ;uuu; ♥ You are absolutely adorable when you gush about your topics of interest, it literally amazes me, how are yOU REAL? ;NNN; You say that talking to me is really energetic and stuff but really I’m an awkward little thing, but you bring out the babbly-me out (I’m sorry again ;A;) Thank you for being such a sweetheart all the time to me, I don’t know how I deserve it ♥

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익명 회원 asked: I honestly don't talk to anyone on Tumblr bc everyone posts selfies and I feel like people will keep asking and I'll feel bad about rejecting... I don't really have a smartphone or an iPod.... And I don't really like sharing pictures ^^; I dunno

Dearest Anon, I don’t see a problem with you not posting selfies though! I know some users who don’t post selfies as well ;; I’m sure you can still talk to people and not feel pressured. :-) [after all I think talking to people on Tumblr is one of the coolest things bc I get to meet people from all around the world who share the same interests as me!!] 

And you shouldn’t feel bad about rejecting those selfie requests because I think those friends are just curious, they’ll understand if you don’t want to post them for personal reasons and respect your decision. Anyhow, don’t feel bad anon, and I assure you that you’re not the only one. ♡ 

I hope you’ll talk to people on Tumblr soon (if you want to ofc but I think it’s a wonderful experience!!) You’re always welcome to drop by in my askbox anytime love ;; 

taesthetic asked: "livin’ up to the title of Mrs. Tuan;" FIRST CALLING ME 'ALLY BABE' THEN 'MRS.TUAN' AND THEN THE 'ALLY TUAN' TAG OMG CHRISTY I LITERALLY CANNOT WITH YOU ;_______; uhuhu but foreals you're the one with a precious and pretty face here //and i'm so glad you're feeling better; i would have had to be your personal nurse for you!

Hehe Ally your reaction is sososososo cute ;;; 



Omg no I’m pretty sure everyone will agree with me that you have the cutest face (no CUTEST EVERYTHING) okaYYY and you’re so pretty too I need at least 1/4 of your beauty. :-(((  

PERSONAL NURSE SOUNDS SO GOOD OMG ALLY ;; IS THIS WHAT YOU DO FOR MARK TUAN WHEN HE’S SICK ♡ //writes markly fics (what is your ship name bc i’m sure your otp name is already established since every1 ships allmark :-)))

taohnus asked: omg christy senpie please upload your selca very soon ;uuuuuuuu;


And are you sure you want me to upload it soon hunnn, I don’t want to blind your eyes with my meh face LOOL ;; 

So upload one first bae. ;-)) YES?? YES!!! GOOD. :-)

baexlo asked: chrishun is very real lbr here. i will forever ship chrishun and if you are like 'emma write me this' by hell i will write you it. EVERYONE PROBABLY SHIPS CHRISHUN (just like everyone also ships christy + jongsuk) he'd raise his eyebrows and smirk at you come on he'd be coming onto you all 180 some centimeters of him

"CHRISHUN IS VERY REAL LBR HERE" —- HELP I CANNOT BREATHE OMG ;;; don’t ship chrishun it’s a sinking ship bc no one ships it omgggg emma I’m crying ;; 

LOL OK LOOK AT MY SEHUN TAGS FROM NOW ON whenever I have an idea for a chrishun fic I’ll write it there ahahaha jk jk, I’m still crying over the ones you wrote so I’ll be satisfied for a while but omg still so tempted to read more of your fics and request more and okay I just need to shut up haha. 

OMG IS CHRISTY/JONGSUK SHIP STILL ALIVE (you still ship this i am crying over here) - AND LOL BC NO ONE SHIPS IT BUT YOU EMMY EM (and even you are probably being nice because chrishun is just a lame ship and my fantasy haha) 

FRICK THE LAST SENTENCE THOUGH OMFG PLEASE HIS EYEBROWS (omg his eyebrows are so fricking perfect and can we not talk about his smirk i might cry) ‘he’d be coming onto you all 180 some cm of him’ BYE EMMA BYE I JUST WHAT DO I EVEN SAY TO THIS AKSDJQAASD.