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happy 20th birthday sehun! ♡

this is going to be really long omg ;; lol i will try to keep this a decent length. first off, happy birthday oh sehun!!! (✿◠‿◠) i have a lot to say and i’m not sure where to start, but i want to thank you for being born into this world, for training so hard to achieve your dreams, for debuting in exo, for making me smile and laugh through just dancing, singing, smiling, joking around and just doing every little thing you do. thank you for being you. with your presence alone, you can make others smile — tearing up while reading a thank you letter to the hyungs, praying every night for the members, making those funny exclusive osh expressions [facial expressions and your famous lines - yehet, ohorat + new vocab that you included in your 2nd anniversary letter to the fans ehehehe], dancing with so much accuracy and passion [and oh my god i just love watching you dance], singing your cute and concise lines [내가 너무 미안해!!], uploading selcas with your signature : [ face and so many other things that i can’t count on my ten fingers ;; ah i’m getting so emotional. i was so blessed to have been able to watch you perform live, and i can’t get that image out of my head even though it’s already been almost 2 years. your beautiful slicked back hair [only you can pull that off hmmm - you can pull every hairstyle off our handsome babe], your instant pout when suho picked on you during member introductions, your gaze of disapproval when suho [again lmao] asked you to pass the water bottle, your eyes that turned into crescents when laughing at a joke that kai made ;; that was honestly one of the most memorable days of my life, and i will never forget it. SEHUN!!! [you cute pocket of sunshine] i’m at a loss for words because it’s just so difficult to express how much you mean to me. you have grown so much in the past two years, and seeing you grow and mature [even though you’re still super young at heart ehe] has really been such a wonderful journey. you’ve grown so much [yes in height loool] but i’ve also witnessed your mental growth and i am so proud of you. you’ve just captured my heart in so many ways [how is that even possible??] and your existence is a blessing in itself. i just wanted to let you know that i will be there for you [and all of the other lovely exo fans!!] every step of the way, supporting every decision you make, cheering you on [whether it’s through the computer screen or at an actual performance!], and helping you get back up when you feel like giving up. i love you so much, and your happiness is what i wish for the most. have an amazing 20th birthday, our dearest maknae, have fun spending it with the hyungs & eat a lot but don’t overwork yourself with practice for overdose!! i’m so excited to see you rock the stage again hehe, but what is most important is your health - so do take good care of yourself, remember to eat and drink a lot of water and get beauty sleep (even though your beauty is already at the highest level beep boop!) you will always be my little prince, dearest sehun. may you [my little prince & the world’s flower boyyyy] continue to work hard and excel at doing what you love! also a shoutout to your parents for being such wonderful parents and raising you so well!! one last shoutout to all the exo members for helping you through thick & thin! i love you oh sehun, and baby, thank you for being no one else but you.  

12 4월 2014
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Tags: exo exo k sehun oh sehun happysehunday hbd sehuna happy birthday precious!!! ♡♡♡ i love you so sosossoososoo much bb but omg he's brought so much to my life and i'm just so grateful and so happy everyday bc of sehunnie that fills my life with laughter i hope you have a wonderful birthday baby!! eat lots and don't overwork yourself bc of practice ♡♡♡ grey pink blue ** edits cyedit:exo edit was inspired by osh bc he is my shining star and le petit prince in my heart hehe 2k omf howwww

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